tisdag 28 november 2017

Detësto - Mangel från Brasilien

Fick detta i mailen härom dagen och en önskan att smälla upp här. så här kommer det. Thanks Wallas!
"My name is Wallas and I have a D-beat Crust band called Detësto (we're from a city called Campinas, Brasil)  and we record some songs for compilations, and one still will be release this year by Discördia records (Fofão/Besthöven DIY label) called  "O SOM DO ABISMO" vol.1 , with a bunch of brazilian bands.
Right now we are making new songs for our 1st tape/EP to be releasing in 1st semester 2018.
Our song is in this link. Hope you enjoy and it would be great for us if possible to put in your website! 

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