tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Riktigt tråkiga nyheter... från Punk Illegal

Despite much fewer visitors this year than last, which made us worry we would actually loose money, things look a little brighter and we are happy to announce that we can support the No one is illegal-network with 20.000 SEK (2100 EUR). We have also decided to give 10.000 SEK (1050 EUR) to Aktion mot deportation (”Action against deportation”, a direct action network organizing blockades against re...fugee detention centers etc), because of fines of a total of 42.500 SEK (4500 EUR) they have to pay.

We are a small group of people who have tried to get the work for next year’s festival started, but we have now had to realize that we are too few to manage. The work has strained the arranging group to the extreme, some more than others, and the group has decreased in numbers. Despite the fact that people are showing their interest and sympathy, the arranging group has not grown to a reasonable number. Therefore we have decided to not arrange a festival the summer of 2012.

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