tisdag 26 februari 2013

Kassett frenzy!!!

Nu jävlar ska det få jobba kassettdäcket :-) Vilka guldklimpar!!!!

söndag 10 februari 2013


I'll try once again, and I'll do it over and over again until I have found it... I really need a copy of the Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP, and we are talking about the Vinyl Japan press now. I curse myself almost everyday for just buying it on CD when it was released. So if you have a copy, please let me buy it :-) I am NOT interested in the a2o version released a couple of years ago, nor any of the cd's either. Just the one pictured above, the Vinyl Japan LP. Mail me at masken@subalert.net and we'll sort something out. I'm also looking for pins and patches for my "collection". Make my day...

fredag 1 februari 2013

A Roar Of Indignation comp LP ute snart

Coming soon on IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS! 23 band international hardcore punk compilation LP


Full line up (in no particular order) below:

Homicide (Brazil)
Sex Dwarf (Sweden)
Napalm Raid (Canada)
Frenzy (USA)
Selvforakt (Norway / Brazil)
Sub Alert (Sweden)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Strange Factory (Japan)
Infernoh (Sweden)
Violent Party (USA)
Leprosy (Australia)
Vaarallinen (Singapore)
Kylma Sota (Finland)
Gutter (Greece)
Sistemas de Aniquilacion (Peru)
Rappa (Japan)
Corbata (Japan)
Dirty Wombs (Greece)
Proxy (Canada)
Truncheons (Canada)
Systematik (Canada)
Kvoteringen (Sweden)