onsdag 23 december 2009

Bäst 2009! - Sergio / Deconformed, ex Krimtänk

*Warvictims: 'Dogs of War'
*Warcollapse: 'Crust as fuck existence' 12" (well, this was actually released this year)
*Bacchus/Burning the prospect: Split
*Týr: 'By the light of the northern star'
*Martyrdöd: 'Sekt'
*Wolfbrigade: 'Comalive'
*Esox Lucius compilation tapes
*Project Hopeless (Requiescant in pace): 'Av hela mitt hjärta' + Irish tour (finally some good Swedish punk in this accursed island)
*'Hata dig själv' cover by SubAlert (far better than the original)
*Holidays in Sweden with my beloved Swedish mates (in which I had time to leave my mark in what will be a certain candidate for this list in one year time)

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