torsdag 5 januari 2012

Link söker spelningar i Sverige i Maj!!!!!

Link (Belgien) ska ut en vända i Maj och söker spelningar i Sverige. All info finns nedan, någon som kan hjälpa? Hör i så fall av er till Timo (Alerta Antifascista) på

hello my friends...

timo from alerta antifascista records here... i am just booking my labelband LINK (Belgium) tour in mai 2012... we need some help in sweden. can someone help with shows there?

they tour with a full backline and need a place to stay, vegan food will be amazing and also a breakfast. sone drinks if possible and as much money as possible... around 200 euro would be perfect, because touring is so expensive as never before! but we are open to all offers!

thanx, timo

here are the tourdates...

03.05.2012 THURSDAY / DENMARK Kopenhagen - venue TBA
04.05.2012 FRIDAY / SWEDEN Karlstadt - misplaced festival w/ SUMMON THE CROW [NO], AGRIMONIA [SE], ANATOMIE 71 [SE]...
05.05.2012 SATURDAY / NORWAY
06.05.2012 SUNDAY / SWEDEN
07.05.2012 MONDAY / SWEDEN
08.05.2012 TUESDAY / SWEDEN
10.05.2012 THURSDAY / SWEDEN
11.05.2012 FRIDAY / GERMANY Hamburg - venue TBA
12.05.2012 SATURDAY / LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg - venue TBA

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