lördag 28 maj 2011

Scorched Earth - Turne' och 7'' på gång

Fick ett mail från Scorched Earth... Orkar inte översätta, sorry. Kolla gärna in dom för det svänger rätt bra.
A few months have passed since Scorched Earth took it´s first steps in a rehearsal studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Last weekend we all met up to fix some last details for our upcoming ep "Cause and effect". The recordings for the ep has been made by Joona Hassinen in Studio Underjord in Stockholm and mixed at Hoborec Studio in Jönköping by Ulf Blomberg. This Ep will be released on both CD and 7″ for our upcoming European tour that hopefully will take us from Stockholm down to Turkey and through the northen parts of Scandinavia before finally heading back home to Stockholm. The ep contains three powerful tracks driven with melodies, darkness and filled with historical references of world changing events. Scorched Earth containes of members from bands as Massmord, Future Ruins, Grace will fall, Shades of grey, Glöm dä!, Reign of boms, Damage and Misär.

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